Latest version: 3.2.2

Planop is a web application written in the python programming language.

The application is designed to be installed on a webserver on an intranet or the internet and can be consulted using a webbrowser. A windows-version that can be used without network is available.


For the moment, the application is available in english, but the documentation and suggestion lists are only in dutch and french. We are working hard to make everything available in english too.


You can download version 3.2.2 (version log) of the application at:

All available downloads can be found on the downloads page.


An overview of the two versions:

  Server-version Windows-version
Unlimited installation overview
Risk analysis supported by suggestion lists
Risk evaluation using LOPA (SIL determination)
Analysis and optimisation of measures
List generation
Version management
Conversion of planop 2-data  
Multiple users with rights management  
Asynchronous report generation  


Planop is a complex and versatile piece of software. Installing, configuring and maintaining a planop server requires expertise in webservers, databases and python. You can acquire a full planop webservice or extra support options from planop solutions.


Suggestion lists

The suggestion lists are the core of the expert knowledge in planop. They are continuously being developed and improved, new versions will be available at regular intervals.

The latest version of the suggestion lists is version 1.0.2 (download: planop3_sl_1.0.2_nl.json or planop3_sl_1.0.2_fr.json).

The windows-version has an update program built-in to replace the suggestion lists .

Instructions to update the suggestion lists in the server-version can be found at

You may check out the contents of the suggestion lists in planop3_sl_1.0.2_nl.pdf or planop3_sl_1.0.2_fr.pdf.



Subscribe to the planop discussion group, where planop users and developers help each other.



The use of planop within a single organisation is free. Commercial applications are bound to specific terms. For more information, take a look here.



Skilled in python and willing to help improve planop? Burning with ideas and suggestions?

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